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Rockbreaking and Demolitions Namibia has been a leader into the research of renewable energy and more specific BIOGAS, and that led to the development of new methods to do excavations and demolitions through the usage of hydraulic rock splitters (DARDA), restricted blasting (rock breaking cartridges/nonex) and commercial explosives (electronic detonators and controllers)


We will continue to be leaders by providing our customers with a responsive workforce with a safe and secure working environment that stimulates development, working as a team and constant education and creating a platform that rewards individual performance of our employees.




It is of the utmost importance for Rockbreaking and Demolitions Namibia to fully understand the goals and objectives that every individual customer strives to put into practice. The matrix would include first of all progressive production, all safety aspects and coordination of ongoing activities of the client and the contractors.


Careful evaluation of goals from all parties involved in projects will lead to optimal production an financial terms of any project.



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About us:


Rockbreaking and demolitions is a fairly new kid on the block. But our combined knowledge spread over many years and our strength comes from combining that knowledge and do intensive research in new technology in this field. It all started with research on renewable energy (biogas) that led us to further development of new methods to do excavations and demolition works. We cover the whole spectrum, of urban development as well as rural and open areas.

We strive to keep ourselves equip and up to date with all the latest technology available in order for the company to achieve its goals and to satisfy all our clients and service providers.


Our team:


Of paramount importance to any service company is its personnel and their dedication to their craft. Our key people each have 25 years in managing and operating a company dedicated to excavations and demolitions in the construction industry.


G.M DU TOIT (Managing Director)

Directly involve in the establishment of the business. He has been in the technical and industrial industry for close to 25 years and has extensive background in the related industry. He did his MBA in 2006 in business administration.


D.SHOOMBE (Director and acting CEO)

He has got a masters degree in history and has been involved in the daily run of town councils as town clerk. Also did a term as councilor for the Luderitz constinency. He has got extensive knowledge about town development and all the different aspects that go with it.


E. STEENKAMP (Director)

He is the owner of a company that specializes in ROCK BREAKING. He came onboard on invitation and being into the commercial blasting industry and extensive value to what the company can offer to its clients in this field.




As a registered business and supplier of services our responsibilities are as follows:


1.      Comply with all related laws published in the NAMIBIAN GOVERNMENT GAZETTE.

2.      Guardian of all safety aspects concerning our employees

3.      Make sure our employees are properly trained to do their daily tasks to their utmost best

4.      Provide continuous training on new development in the related trade areas

5.      Work performance is up to accepted standard not only internally but also externally

6.      Fulfill our vision to build the company and equip our employees to grow with the company.



It’s extremely important to guarantee the safety of all of our employments and make sure at the end of each day, they can go back home in just as good health as when they start their daily tasks with Rockbreaking and Demolitions Namibia.


We monitor each task and process of all our activities not only on a daily bases, but in some cases as the hour go by. That include the full package from transport, not only of goods and materials but also the employees, daily job preparation, handling and loading of explosives, operational aspects of all mechanical equipment just to mention a few.


We are fully aware of the fact that in the construction industry, the safety aspect covers the whole specific site or project, and thus do constantly monitor the whole project in its own also. Careful consideration is given to minimize their exposure to dangerous activities and also environments that carries a risk factor. This guarantee that our work is accomplished in a safe, efficient and workers friendly atmosphere.


Our different policies that’s put into place, comply 100% with the Namibian labour and industrial act.




We do believe and practice the old age “walk the extra mile” with all of our clients and also service providers.


Our approach to the daily run of the business is to resolve whatever issues might show up with either, within the company, our employees, service providers and our clients. We do have a straight approach policy which is done in a timely way. Then there is also the integrity of our direct working environment, which is of great importance to us.


We believe our processes and practices are formulated in such a manner that it protects the environment, whether we deal with a service provider, direct client or the general public.